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DNA Test Cost in Gaya Bihar

DNA forensics laboratory private limited has now started providing the best DNA Test Cost in Gaya Bihar with an undertaking to aid people by delivering the most reliable, reachable and reasonable DNA testing services.

We use cutting edge technology ‘Gold Standard’ 24 genetic marker tests to guarantee the accuracy of 100% for exclusions and 99.9% for inclusions.

We have an extensive array of tests including paternity DNA test, maternity DNA test, sibling test, Kinship test and other relationship DNA test further can be used for Peace of Mind, Legal disputes or immigration purposes and each test cost is different.

Our DNA testing costs vary from case to case. These costs depend on many factors, including whether the testing is done for peace of mind, legal cases, immigration purpose, other than blood or bruccal samples, old samples and many others.

We conduct embassy approved DNA tests for immigration to prove blood relation between parents, siblings and half-sibling, and paternal/maternal aunts, uncles and grandparents. Our DNA testing procedures and techniques are simple and easy that can be carried with the help of a simple sample like saliva and blood, but extra charges are for semen, skin, tooth or even a hair.

We offer the convenience of Home Sample Collection Kit at economical price. Our trained executives arrive at the doorstep of the customer to collect samples. In the table given below, you can check DNA tests cost that we offer. For further queries related to DNA Test Cost in Gaya Bihar, please give us a call at: +91 8010177771 and our customer representatives will immediately get in touch.

Paternity DNA Test in Gaya Bihar

Maternity DNA Test in Gaya Bihar

Relationship DNA Test in Gaya Bihar

Immigration DNA Test in Gaya Bihar

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Test DetailsTesting Cost

Peace of mind tests

Paternity (no maternal involvement)11400(Test Cost) + 2052(GST) = 13452 INR
Paternity (with maternal involvement)17100(Test Cost) + 3078(GST) = 20178 INR
Maternity11400(Test Cost) + 2052(GST) = 13452 INR
Sibling ship17000(Test Cost) + 3060(GST) = 20060 INR
YSTR Analysis20,000 INR
Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity 8 week onword 95000(Test Cost) + 17100(GST) = 112100 INR
Identification Profiling8000(Test Cost) + 1440(GST) = 9440 INR

Tests with Chain of Custody

Paternity (without mother)20000(Test Cost) + 3600(GST) = 23600 INR
Paternity (with mother)30000(Test Cost) + 5400(GST) = 35400 INR
Maternity20000(Test Cost) + 3600(GST) = 23600 INR
Sibling ship25000(Test Cost) + 4500(GST) = 29500 INR
Immigration31900(Test Cost) + 5742(GST) = 37642 INR
Identification Profiling12500(Test Cost) + 2250(GST) = 14750 INR

Other tests

DNA Ancestral origin Paternal linage13000(Test Cost) + 2340(GST) = 15340 INR
DNA Ancestral origin Maternal linage13000(Test Cost) + 2340(GST) = 15340 INR
Ancestry DNA Origin13000(Test Cost) + 2340(GST) = 15340 INR
GPS Origins Ancestry Test15000(Test Cost) + 2700(GST) = 17700 INR
Noninvasive Prenatal test for Trisomy 21, 18 & 13 (NIPT)28,320 INR
Cell line Authentication for any cell line9,440 INR
BRCA 1 & 2 gene Mutation25,900 INR