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DNA Test in India is mostly used to establish the family and genetic relationship between different individuals. A DNA relationship test confirms that two people are related. In many cases, establishing the relationship bond between different family members is compulsory for inheritance, immigration, peace of mind and legal purposes. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. provides the proof of a family relationship within turnaround time, 100% accuracy with complete confidentiality.

DNA test results can also be used as a legal document, if performed test is for legal purpose. Some common reasons for a Legal DNA Test include: child support, birth certificate, child custody, immigration, adoption, will/estate and other legal reasons.

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. offers broad portfolio of Relationship DNA tests, including:

  • Paternity DNA Test: DNA paternity tests determine the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents – half of our mother and half of our father. A DNA paternity test compares the DNA profile of a child with that of the presumed father to determine whether there is a match or not.
  • Maternity DNA Test: DNA maternity test is in which the genetic material (DNA) of an alleged mother and child is analyzed to determine a biological relationship between both. Sometimes a child swapping case may occur, and a mother, family member, or hospital staff member suspects that a mix-up in the maternity ward is being done. So, a DNA test between the mother and child is performed to confirm maternity and resolves the controversy occur in the hospital.
  • Paternity Trio DNA tests: In trio DNA tests, the mother, the alleged father and the child are included; if only child and alleged father is involved then it is called as motherless paternity test.
  • Sibling-ship DNA Test: This test is designed to determine genetically, whether alleged siblings (brothers and sisters) are biologically related to each other or not and verify if they are full siblings, half siblings or not siblings at all.
  • Grand-parentage DNA Test: This test is performed when grandparents desire to confirm the biological relationship with their grandchild or vice-versa. This test shows the statistical possibility that the grandparents are heritably related to their grandchild.

Our DNA samples collection method is simple using cheek swabs or self-buccal swabbing and therefore, sent securely in tamper-proof packaging to our accredited laboratory where the DNA testing begins. Our laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every DNA test samples are processed separately twice in the lab and the final results are checked by our professionals. You never have to worry about confusion or wrong results. As soon as the results are generated, they are sent to you via courier or e-mail.

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Since the peace of mind test samples are not collected under a strict chain of custody or on order of honorable court by a third neutral party and the Laboratory cannot verify the origin of the samples, this test result may not be defensible in a court of law for the establishment of paternity/relationship and other legally related issues. The tested parties’ names that may appear on this report have been provided by the client and cannot be verified. The laboratory assumes no responsibility for incorrect or misspelled patient information.